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 Our curated Kosher Wine Life Club brings you the finest kosher wines each month for your enjoyment

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Kosher Wine Life Club

Our club includes a quarterly delivery of bottles of wine which we select to broaden your knowledge and leave you delighted.  

Why Join the Kosher Wine Life Club?

There are other kosher wine clubs out there. What makes our’s different? We offer three levels of curated kosher wine for you to choose from. Whether you’re a novice and just exploring different wines and flavors from around the world, or whether you’re a connoisseur interested in expanding your wine knowledge and experience, this allows you to select an option that’s right for you.

We also include specific notes related to each wine with each shipment, including information about the winery and terroir, grape varieties, tasting notes, serving suggestions, and food pairings – all designed to enhance and broaden your wine education, and train your palate so that you can enjoy wine even more!

All of the wines we choose, regardless of your category of membership, represent great value as well as great taste, and are all food friendly. Each club level will also include wines which may be new releases, hard to find, exclusive offers, or have very limited production runs. The wines we ship are all ready to drink now, with many of them having aging potential.

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