We've toured and tasted and want to share our wine experience with you

From Israel, to Italy, to the United States and around the globe, we’ve visited vineyards and wineries. We have first hand experience of the masterful and unique quality of a well made wine crafted by skilled vintners. Our goal is to help guide you and elevate your experience of tasting the finest bottles of wine available. We provide the information you need to improve your understanding of the different varieties and flavors of wine.

Just a sip can become so much more. A glass of wine can elevate your ordinary meal to become a beautiful symphony of flavors. Our team created kosherwinelife.com to share our passion with you. Each glass we enjoy brings us closer together.

Meet Our Team

Noah Morris

Noah holds a level two certification in Wine and Spirits awarded by the Wine Spirit Education Trust (WSET).  He is an experienced Wine and Spirits Specialist who has worked in the kosher wine and spirits industry in retail stores and at events. 

Noah is passionate about helping people discover the most exceptional wines available. 

He blogs about kosher wine on his Instagram page @kosherwineguy

Adina Morris

Teacher by day, wine educator by night. Adina’s passion for wine has lead her to share her wine experience through social media and events alongside Noah. 

As the Director of Wine Education, Adina works hard to ensure each package of wine includes the most relevant information for each bottle so you can learn a little bit more with each sip. 

You can follow Adina on her Instagram page @kosherwinegirl

Join Our Wine Experience

From our wine family to yours we want to enrich your life with the wines that enhance ours. Pause and take a moment as you enjoy a meal and a bottle of wine with your family and friends. We hope to share these values with you.