20 Reasons to Drink Wine

1) Doctors have determined that it’s healthy to have a serving of fruit every day.

2) Because when you sniff, swirl, and sip a glass of soda, you get weird looks.

3) You’re just a few corks short of finishing that wine trivet.

4) Because drinking aged wine will help you age well too.

5) Being able to get five glasses out of one bottle sounds like a really good deal.

6) It’s important to always stay hydrated.

7) It makes other people’s jokes funnier.

8) Because sangria is nothing more than a healthy fruit salad.

9) You like the way a wine glass feels in your hand.

10) It’s the only one of your investments that you can drink.

11) Your boss just called and told you not to come in tomorrow. Or ever.

12) You’re getting married.

13) You’re getting divorced.

14) You’re not a pessimist. If your glass is half empty, you just open another bottle.

15) Your ecological mindset is to conserve as much water as possible.

16) Your refrigerator is out of storage space.

17) Cardiologists recommend drinking a glass of red wine every day for a healthy heart.

18) Wine is a great stress reliever.

19) Because it’s time to call your mother.

20) The weekend is almost here, and you have no plans.